TMSC realizes the importance of Occupational Safety, Health, and Environment of employee workplaces. Significantly, the company is very aware of the prevention of accidents and disasters affecting the safety of all employees.

Consequently, TMSC has an intention to comply with OHSAS 18001 (The Standard for Administration and Management of Occupational Safety and Health) and ISO 14001 (The Environment Management System) in order to secure good environment, health and safety for employees together with surrounding communities.

To prevent disasters, especially fire disasters, TMSC intensively concentrates in the prevention and preparation of equipments and human resources (Emergency Team) necessary for fire extinguishment. To ensure the effectiveness of this, emergency response has been practiced regularly.

In addition, TMSC recognizes the necessity to prevent occupational injuries and diseases, and tries to perform complete risk assessment and management in order to lessen occupational injury rates below 1.6 per 1,000,000 working hours and steps into 4,000,000 working hours without lost time injury.

Also, TMSC concerns on employee health and hence prepares a first-aid room with a full-time nurse to take care of employees getting injuries, and to give health advices. Moreover, several activities such as Sports Day, Soccer League, Company Trip, etc. are usually held to promote the company’s unity and relax employees at the same time.

As for environment which is one of our most interests, TMSC really emphasizes on this issue and then complies with Environment Management System (ISO 14001), a globally-acknowledged system. Wastewater treatment and air emission control systems, i.e. catalytic converter, wet scrubber, bag filter, etc., are used to keep polluted emission rate within the standard. By 2015, TMSC intends to diminish Landfill Disposal Rate (LDR) below 0.75% per yearly-generated industrial wastes.


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