We are a part of Mitsui Chemical Group who is a diversified chemical company in Japan. Our company established in 1997 by merging from 3 companies consisting of SRC founded in 1974, MTC-T founded in 1989 and TMT founded in 1991. That is we have run the business in Thailand over 38 years.

I think the main reasons making us continue our business operation for a long time are always giving priority to the customers and brushing up the technology in a field of chemical.

Currently, we are a base of Mitsui Chemicals in Southeast Asia for the fields of Industrial Resin Business and Polyurethane Business. Furthermore, we also started Performance Compound Business in this year.

For Industrial Resin Business and Polyurethane Business, we are also responsible for technical center.

With our missions which are

To promptly match new technology developed by Japan with the market in Southeast Asia
To promptly catch up market needs and create a good product by collaborating with Japan

we will continue to further strengthen these functions in the future.

Our new motto from this year is Best Partner with Best Solution. It means that we aim to be the company constantly providing a value to our customers and society. Not only new products, but we will also propose the new valuable system as well as process improvement. Besides, we also target to make our employees and their family happy and contribute to the local area.

As Thailand plays an important role in Southeast Asia which is expected to grow even more in the future, our company which has a base in Thailand will take this opportunity to strive for further development.

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