With  over  30 years experience and 15 years after establishment ,  Thai Mitsui Specialty Chemicals Co., Ltd., a part of Mitsui Chemicals Inc. in Japan, has committed to our mission to contribute to society by providing high-quality products and services through continuous development.

Currently, we are part of the Supply Chain of Automobile Industry especially Polyurethane and Coating sectors. The markets that we focus are not only Thailand but also the ASEAN countries as well as India in the near future. We also aim to be a part in the Specialty Chemicals in China Market.

With the dynamic change of business environment, we have to improve and innovate our products,  services, and business processes or so-called ‘solutions’ to best suit with customers’ satisfaction continuously. Besides we also seek to ensure the safety of our products, our operations, and our people and engage in solving our social and environmental issues. Safety and Environmental care is also a prime priority of us.

Message from Sumon Suwanpatra


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