Thai Mitsui Specialty Chemicals Co., Ltd., (hereinafter referred to as “TMSC”) uses the personal information provided by the users of our websites to provide goods, services and related information to customers and the general public and/or to improve our goods and services. The use of such personal information obtained through the websites for purposes other than the above, which are clearly stated in advance, shall not be used for purposes other than those stated. In the event that an individual does not wish to receive information on our goods, services and related notices, we will cease the provision of information upon request from the concerned individual.

TMSC is committed to protection of personal information acquired and handled during the course of its business operations and recognizes that protection of such personal information is a corporate duty and social responsibility.

TMSC implements the following rules to protect personal information:

1. Compliance with laws and regulations
  TMSC recognizes that compliance with laws and regulations is important in corporate sustainability. TMSC complies with laws, regulations, and Company Rules related to the protection of personal information when acquiring and handling such information.
2. Acquisition of personal information
  TMSC makes the purpose of acquisition of personal information clear and acquires the information according to laws and regulations related to the protection of such information.
3. Use of personal information
  TMSC will use personal information for the purpose stated when acquiring such information. TMSC shall not use personal information in excess of the range to achieve the purpose of use without obtaining prior consent from the concerned individual. Provided, however, that personal information may be used beyond such range if permitted by law.
4. Disclosure of personal information
  TMSC will not disclose personal information acquired through the process of its business operations to third parties.
5. Request for correction or disclosure of personal information
  TMSC will correct or disclose an individual’s acquired personal information by request from the concerned individual if such correction or disclosure is requested according to regulations concerning the correction or disclosure of such information.

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